What we do:

LSP Life is a distributor of Fine Hygenic Holding (FHH) products. FHH is considered to be one best hygienic paper manufacturers in the World and specializes in the production of sanitary products and innovative hygienic solutions. The latter have attracted our attention. The company is constantly looking for new and innovative solutions and has responded rapidly to the Covid-19 pandemic. It has acquired the exclusive Swiss patented Livinguard technology, which neutralizes viruses, bacteria, and pathogens upon contact. Livinguard's goal is to improve the health and quality of life of billions of people by using the World's first permanent self-disinfectant, which binds to and fights germs aggresively, while remaining gentle and safe for humans and the environment. By creating the World’s only self-disinfecting technology safe for human use, FHH has created extremely safe and innovative Fine Guard and Fine Guard Comfort masks.


LSP Life is proud to introduce these innovative products to the Polish market. We are glad that one and a half months after the introduction of the masks to the demanding Arabic market, they are already available on the Polish market. The Fine Guard mask is the No. 1 product in the category of facial skin care products on Amazon.ae, the largest e-commerce platform in the Arab World, and getting it to our market was not easy.

What do we believe in at LSP Life?

We believe that by choosing reliable partners and unique products, we will provide our customers and consumers with great solutions that will protect and support their health and life.

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